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My 10 year- old son is a part of New England Hoops Academy and I must say, I have never seen a basketball program
as dedicated and invested into the kid’s development not only on the court but outside of it as well as this organization. I have seen my
son improve his skills dramatically and become more focus academically, undoubtedly as a result of what they do at NEHA. Coach Nault’s incredible knowledge, passion and energy has made a tremendous impact on my son, as a result, he has gained confidence and is able to be more focus and has developed a deeper love for the game. I recommend anyone who is looking for a positive and highly competitive environment for their son to give New England Hoops a try. I feel that when we became a part of this organization, we became a part of a big basketball family!

Keyshla Penalo


Our son’s experience with the New England Hoops Academy has been a great one. His basketball skills have steadily
improved, and so too has his confidence. Basketball, however, is only part of the experience. Coach Nault and Max consistently remind the players that schoolwork must be their first priority, and this is inspirational for the boys, and reassuring to us as parents. This is the only basketball program around that reviews the players’ report cards, and rewards the highest classroom achievers. The program has also introduced us to new friends and families from across the Merrimack Valley. This has been a fantastic experience for Brian, his sisters and us as parents. Finally the team concept
extends beyond the court, and into the community. Max has offered and led the boys to multiple events where they can help their neighbors. These have been great opportunities for the boys and their families to go “Beyond Basketball” and become involved, productive citizens. Both on and off the court, the New England Hoops Academy has been a fantastic experience for our son and our family.

Kathy and Tim Norton

Our daughter has been a part of the New England Hoops Family for 3 years. She has grown astronomically as both a team mate and player over this time. As parents, we appreciate the emphasis the program puts on being "bigger than basketball" - by holding their players accountable for academics and also teaching them to give back to their community. These are a few of the many things that set this program apart from others. We had tried other local AAU programs before making the move to NEHA and I can say for certain that their commitment to growing their players individually is everything you would want for your child. From well planned practices, skills clinics, competing at a high level and rewarding students for their academic successes off the court - for NEHA it is all about growth. Coach Nault, Coach Josh and all of the other coaches are truly top notch and dedicated to your child's success. We are thankful to be a part of the programs continued success.
Lindsay and Justin M.

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